Wednesday, October 13, 2010

anna tries to blog.

Well. Hello there. This is my new blog. I've created it so that i can post my artwork and musings (because Facebook ain't cuttin' it). A disclaimer: i am currently a BFA student in my senior year at Flagler College and also a bridal consultant/sales associate at the almighty Bed Bath and Beyond-yond-yond (echo for dramatic effect). Therefore, my schedule is awkward and may not lend itself kindly to me being able to update regularly. Also, i have the attention span of a goldfish and thus i rarely am consistent when i try to start blogs. But we're gonna give this a try, deal? That being said, let's be best friends and bounce ideas off of each other and stuff.


I'm going to start this thing off right. Here is a series from a recent photography assignment which was highly influenced by the great Anna Gaskell. Thanks to Lindsey Smith, Jennifer Nasipak and Je'Leah Wiggins for being terrific models.

Comments and critiques are welcomed and appreciated! Keep an eye out for updates and pictures of more artwork soon.